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5 Ways to Celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Month

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In my opinion, peanut butter is a food that should be celebrated daily. But, I’ll settle for a month-long peanut butter party.

Since 1995, November’s been given the gift of peanut butter, being anointed National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. It’s estimated that in the U.S. alone, 65 million tons of peanut butter will be consumed this month. Seems like a proper celebration to me!

Now to suitably arm each and every one of you with some ideas on how to get your peanut butter fix this month, here’s a list of five yummy-to-your-PB-lovin’-tummy foods jam packed with peanut butter goodness. Continue Reading »

Step Up to the Plate with Nextag Tickets

Can you feel it in the air?

The infamous “boys of summer” are showcasing their awesomeness on baseball fields across America. From New York, to Chicago, to San Francisco, major cities are buzzing with the glorious sounds of America’s favorite pastime.

So, have you been to a baseball game yet?

If not, don’t fret – there’s plenty of game left! And plenty of tickets. Check out how Nextag Tickets can help get you there in a few quick clicks.

Ways to Search Nextag Tickets

Whether you’re in the mood for a day game or a night game, Nextag Tickets can help you find Major League Baseball tickets. Using a simple search box, you can search in a variety of ways, using various filters to refine your results. A simple, easy, and effective way to get your hands on tickets – who has time for anything else these days?

Search by Baseball Team

If you want to see your team play, you can search by team using the filter on the left-hand side, under “Team.” From the Seattle Mariners to the Miami Marlins, you can select any team in the MLB to instantly view available tickets.

Search by Location

Taking a vacation or business trip this summer? Using the Location filter on the left-hand side, you can filter by… guessed it….location. If you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia, PA, grab a Phillies jersey, some Phillies tickets, and get ready for some die-hard baseball fans. You can also type this location-based information directly into the main search box to get more specific results.

Set Maximum Prices Per Ticket

Nextag Tickets can help you stay budget conscious, too. You shouldn’t have to break the bank just to see some baseball, right? To save some dinero, enter a maximum price per ticket within the filters on the left-hand side. That way you won’t feel guilty when you splurge on the ever-so-expensive (but delicious) stadium food.

Search by Date Range

If you’re a planner and want to buy tickets ahead of time, you can search by date range. Just like when you book a flight, use the handy calendar icon to select the dates you’re looking at. The results you’ll see will be within the timeframe you selected. You can also type your desired dates into the main search box to get these results.

Search for the Best Values

Once you’ve clicked on a specific result, you can zoom into the map to find the best ticket values. Lighter colored markers denote lower priced tickets, while the blue star denotes the absolute best values.

So the next time you’re craving a ballpark hotdog and some friendly baseball banter, check out Nextag Tickets to get your game on!

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Top 3 Educational Wii Games for Kids

Take it from a former 1st grade teacher: keeping kids engaged is tough!

With Smartphones, laptops, iPads, TV, and countless other distractions, getting kids’ attention when it comes to learning can be a daunting task. But….it’s possible!

With the help of a little technology, kids are learning new concepts and skills at a ridiculous rate. Check out the top 3 educational Wii games for kids to learn more.

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5 Gag Gifts for April Fools Day

Fortunately for my colleagues, April Fools falls on a Sunday this year.

Unfortunately, that leaves an entire day to plot my April Fools Day revenge. You’re actually doing your friends and family a service by playing some sort of prank! They say laughter is the best form of medicine. So, don’t hold back this year. Let your creativity flow and have a little harmless fun on April Fools Day.

Check out these 5 April Fools Gag Gifts, brought to you by comparison shopping website,

Canned Unicorn Meat

If you thought Spam or Vienna sausages were delicious, just wait until you taste the magical goodness of Canned Unicorn Meat. While it’s not certified organic by the USDA, you’ll get your daily fill of glitter. On the bright side, it doesn’t contain Pink Slime. You’ll also get your fill of fiber, too. Continue Reading »

Top 3 MacBook Pro Accessories for Power Users

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s hottest selling, fully-featured laptop computer. While the light and slim MacBook Air seems to get all the attention lately, the MacBook Pro is the company’s flagship laptop.

In fact, Apple is quietly shifting the Pro series towards professionals and developers, slowly phasing out their Mac Pro desktop, which hasn’t seen a refresh in quite some time.

Since the MacBook Pro has roughly the same processing power as Apple’s iMac desktops, it is a viable desktop replacement. However, there are still a large number of folks who prefer the desktop experience, rather than coding in your pajamas with the MacBook situated on your lap. Fortunately, there are a ton of accessories that breathe new life into your MacBook Pro.

Check out the top 3 innovative Mac accessories, brought to you by comparison shopping website,

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6 Kitchen Gadgets to Salivate Over

Who wants to use a plain, ordinary stove and oven when there’s so many awesome gadgets out there?

Whether you like barbequing or baking, there’s a kitchen gadget with your name on it. Check out these kitchen gadgets that’ll revolutionize the way you cook. Who knows, maybe you’ll even like cooking dinner for the family again.

Check out these six kitchen gadgets on Nextag that will make preparing healthy, nutritious meals fun, mess-free, and fast:

Breville Smart Grill

If you think the George Foreman Grill is cool, wait until you see the Breville Smart Grill! This next-generation indoor BBQ is one of the most powerful countertop grills on the market, offering 1800-watts of pure BBQ-cookin’ sizzle.

The Breville uses dishwasher safe, removable smart plates, which use Element IQ to disperse consistent, even heat. Unlike the George, you can set the desired temperature using the smart LCD display. The grill supports 310 to 450 degrees and has a variable temperature control system, allowing you to choose from Low, Panini, and Sear modes.

One of the many neat features of the Breville Smart Grill is that you can open the grill flat – like a griddle – for indoor barbeque mode. It comes with two pans, a ridged (a la George) and flat griddle-style pan. You can purchase additional pans, so you can have both of them be the same format. Continue Reading »

5 Gadgets to Help You Get in Shape

Uh oh, it’s almost April! And you know what that means… Spring is here. It’s time to whip yourself into shape before the beaches open up and the margaritas flow.

Check out these five gadgets that’ll help you get in shape, brought to you by Nextag!

Fitbit Ultra Activity and Sleep Monitor

Fitbit took the ordinary pedometer to the next level. Perhaps you could even say they “reinvented” the old-fashion  step-counter. About the size of a nail clipper, the FitBit Ultra attaches to your waistline and accurately tracks how many steps taken and how many stairs climbed; it also measures the total distance, and calories burned. Plus, Fitbit measures your activity on a “tree” scale, so you can see when it’s time to get moving again.

The Fitbit sensor also tracks and monitors your sleeping patterns. Simply insert the Fitbit into the included wristband and it will calculate your sleep effectiveness. And since the Fitbit is discrete, you can wear it wherever you go, including more formal events. As someone who owns a Fitbit, I can attest to its accuracy and barely-there design. Once attached to your clothing, you’ll forget you are even wearing it.

The Fitbit includes a rechargeable battery that lasts for 7 days and can be charged via a USB dongle plugged into your PC. When your computer is on and the Fitbit is within range, the device wirelessly synchronizes your activity data with Fitbit’s servers. Their web and smartphone apps allow you to see your weekly or daily progress, as well as log your caloric consumption for the day, if you choose to use the feature. Continue Reading »

5 Alternatives to Diet Coke

I never thought this day would come, the day I officially “quit” Diet Coke.  Almost a month clean and I still feel energized. I didn’t say I gave up caffeine… what am I, crazy?

There’s much more to this story than I’m willing to admit. Some kids grew up with their parents drinking coffee, tea, and wine. Nope. Not in my household. It was a Diet Coke in the morning and a Diet Coke at night. And there was the “special” Diet Coke nobody drank besides the adults! Unfortunately, I adopted the same bad habits my parents did.

For a little less than two decades, Diet Coke was my beverage of choice. I’m not talking about a can here, a can there. I’m talkin’ cases of this stuff – during the height of my addiction, it’s safe to say a six pack a day wasn’t uncommon.

What’s not to like about Diet Coke, right? Caffeine? Zero calories? On paper, it seems like a “magical” drink, but it’s when you read – and study – the ingredients, that you realize exactly what makes the carbonated beverage dangerous.

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Have a Little Fun and Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style

People are often surprised to learn St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

It reminds us all to have a little fun and embrace the crazier things in life. It’s easy to get trapped in the 9-to-5 grind and lose sight of what’s really important in life: good friends, fun holidays, and memories that last a lifetime. Plus, who doesn’t dig corned beef and cabbage?

Don’t forget the potatoes, though. They help soak up the extra booze after a night of friendly celebration.

This St. Patrick’s Day, find on your tackiest green attire, a group of friends, and create a St. Patrick’s Day game plan. Whether you’re celebrating at your local Pub or partying it up at home, everyone deserves to let loose once in a while.

Rest assured your TPS reports will be waiting patiently on your desk come Monday morning. Until then, check out these amazing St. Patrick’s Day “tools” that’ll get you to your “happy place.”

Glow in the Dark beer Stein

Once the sun goes down on St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no telling what will happen. But with the Glow in the Dark Beer Stein, you’ll find your way around, without bumping into fellow partygoers. And it also functions as a pseudo-decoration, one that you can enjoy for many more holidays to come.

Da Boot Beer Mug

Give your guests da boot, without ruining your St. Patrick’s Day shindig, with Da Boot Beer Mug. The Western-style “boot” holds up to 1 liter of your favorite brew and has a heavy base that won’t accidentally tip over. And apparently there’s a trick to getting the beer out of the toe of the boot, without spilling it. Continue Reading »

De-Stress with 3 Handy Office Supplies

Do you feel a sense of panic when you look at the mountain of paperwork on your desk? Are the pink and yellow post-it’s piling up?

Not to worry – the first step to feeling more “Zen” at work is organizing! And I’m here to help you do that.

My organizational obsession began in 4th grade. When my awesome teacher, Mrs. Beeson, uttered the words, “a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, she changed my life forever.

Decades later, I still swear by these words, fellow desk dwellers! When your desk is clean and organized, you’re ready to put your best foot forward.

So let’s get organized, my friends. It’s time to de-stress with these 3 handy office supplies!

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