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Neat Stuff on Nextag: Messages in Bottles

Anyone would love getting a heartfelt message in a bottle, but who wants the hassle of having a loved one lost at sea for years? Finally there’s a solution: online message in a bottle sellers on Nextag. These are lovingly crafted bottles emblazoned with words of love and filled with evocateurs such as flower petals or seashells and sand, as well as a charming tied scroll bearing a message from your heart. From the safety of your own home you can order the perfect gift for any theme or occasion, including love, friendship, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even “just because”. With several choices for each, you can browse and find the bottle that represents you best.

Of course bottles are like people, and what’s most important is what they have on the inside. While the message bottlers make it possible to write your own personal message, they also provide a selection of suggested poetry.

A poetry example from

“What was it that attracted me? That mysterious force. I’m asking myself as I stand in the sand, With the sun looming overhead. The water rushes up and takes hold of my naked feet, As my mind flows over with images of you, Painting a picture from what I know, And using my imagination for the rest. How can I express the grief I feel, Being held apart from you by this ocean? I would fall in the water and let the fierce tide carry me away, If surely, I’d meet your arms.”

It’s the irony of the shy that sometimes you have to bottle up your feelings to express them. Whether you really are out to sea, or away from home, or just emotionally distant, your loved one can always uncork your bottle, read your message, and feel your presence its words.

In case you need a reminder, Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and nothing says you’re the best mother in the world like a poem from a loving child!

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Neat Stuff on Nextag: Solar Lamp Posts

What if everything was wireless? Imagine a world without electric wiring, where your outdoor lights could be placed anywhere and work as if by magic. That’s the promise of solar lamp posts.

Solar lamp posts use a solar cell to charge their batteries by day, so that at night you get eight-to-ten hours of light. That’s pretty much all you need! A sunlight detector automatically turns the lights on and off at dusk and dawn. The lights themselves are super bright LEDs that use cone reflectors to further enhance their brightness.

Most manufacturers of solar lamp posts have made the clever design decision not to give their lights an appearance that says “high-technology at work.” Rather, the posts have a classic gas-light design, with beveled glass to complete that turn-of-the-last-century look. This allows your lamps to be new, old, stylish, and mysterious.

They also make solar lamp post models with built-in motion sensors, so that the lights will brighten when you need them and save their power when you don’t. Enjoy being welcomed home by a lamp that glows with the happiness of seeing you! You may also enjoy the effect of spooking unwanted guests.


5 Fun Things to Do with Your Solar Lamp Post

- Put one out in the woods and let your kids “discover” Narnia!

- Make neighbors wonder why yours is the only house with its lights on during a power outage.

- Get off the grid! ‘Cause you can’t like own electricity, man.

- Save very slightly on your electric bill!

- Place stylish outdoor lighting anywhere you want!


See the light of your life in action in this video!

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Go Green with 3 Recycled Handbags

As you set out to do some spring and summer shopping, it’s easy to gravitate towards the newest and coolest brands, right?

This year, I challenge you to embark on a new kind of shopping adventure:

Green shopping!

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “green purchasing means buying smart. Shop with the environment in mind—that is, buy products that help conserve natural resources, save energy, and prevent waste. By educating yourself about the products you buy, you can make a difference in protecting the environment.”

On that note, check out how you can make a difference with 3 recycled handbags.

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Swing into Spring with 3 Comfy Hammocks

Now that spring is here, there’s no excuse not to relax.

Sure, you’ve got a few hundred emails to read and a few hundred errands to run, but you still need to take a breather.

In fact, by taking a few minutes every day to relax, you can experience the following health benefits:

- Decrease your blood pressure.

- Slow your breathing rate, which calms your mind and body.

- Boost your immune system to prevent illness.

With these scientifically proven health benefits of relaxation, you don’t have to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. It’s good for you!

Check out 3 comfy hammocks that will boost your energy levels, and help you swing into spring.

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Nextag Tickets: The Lakers, The Lion King, Madonna, Oh My!

Are you craving the thrill of court side seats at a neck-in-neck sports game? Do you wonder what it would be like to have orchestra seats on opening night? Does the memory of an awesome outdoor music festival take you back to those glory days?

Well who says you can’t do all three of those things this weekend?

With Nextag Tickets, you can. And you should – cuz it’s fun! And it takes a few minutes, tops.

Here’s the 411 on what Nextag Tickets offers people like you and me:

-  Concert Tickets

-  Theater Tickets

-  NFL Tickets

-  NHL tickets

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Wine Online

As much as I love perusing the grocery store liquor aisles, I’m a huge fan of shopping for my wine from my couch. In my pajamas. At whatever time I want.

See that’s the beauty of buying your wine online– the wine store never closes. And by wine store, I mean Nextag. It’s glorious.

Still not convinced? Well, let’s see if these top 5 reasons to buy your wine online will convince you!

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The Best Spring Makeup Under $10

Last week, we celebrated the first day of spring with these 4 fashionable pieces for your closet.

This week, it’s time to talk about your spring makeup bag!

Hollywood makeup artist Julie Murray offers 5 tips for putting your best face forward this spring:

1)      Avoid heavy foundation.

2)      Mind your brows.

3)      Lashes, lashes, lashes!

4)      Contouring.

5)      Don’t be afraid of color.

Playing off Julie’s brilliant beauty advice, I’ve handpicked 5 beauty products that you can apply to your makeup routine. All of these items can be found on Nextag, for a great price.

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3 Android Tablets that Give the New iPad a Run for Its Money

There’s no denying Apple’s newest iPad is a killer tablet. But no matter how much RAM or how many processor cores the iPad has, it’s still an Apple. Living in the heart of innovation—Silicon Valley—I encounter two groups of distinct individuals: hardcore Android users and Apple fans.

Android vs. Apple

Based on my personal experiences, hardcore Android users wouldn’t be caught dead with an iPhone or an iPad. You might find them using a MacBook Pro, but that’s because it’s one of the only decent, nonplasticky rigs out there. Android folks are more concerned with specs than design.

Android Fans 

This is exemplified in the latest Android phones—they have RAM up the yin yang yet still crash more than iPhones with half as much memory. Moreover, Android users embrace freedom and despise locked down environments.

Apple Fans

Apple fanatics, often called fanboys, are extremely loyal to the Apple brand. Every pore in their body oozes iPhones, iPads, and Macs. They value the stylistic elements of their iDevices and prefer design over functionality.

For example, the iPhone 4 had antenna issues because of the design, yet Apple sold gazillions of them. Seventeen Apple fans are also willing to pay for the premium design. For example, a 17-inch MacBook Pro costs $2,500, whereas a 17-inch Windows laptop with the same spec sells for $1,000.

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HTC Launches New ‘One Series’ Product Line at MWC 2012

Is HTC looking to leverage Samsung’s success with their premium “Galaxy” brand? After consumers and industry analysts criticized HTC for its rapid release of Android devices, the China-based manufacturer introduced a unified product line of premium Smartphones at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The One Series is unlike previous HTC Android handsets.It marks a strategic shift in the company’s core product focus. The series balances a premium design with robust functionality, such as Beats Audio™ and high-resolution optics.  According to CEO Peter Chou during the Sunday press event, the One Series improves upon a user’s “emotional experiences.”

In addition to running the latest hardware, the HTC One Series will feature the latest version of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The company plans to upgrade their HTC Sense™ UI program for the One Series, which complements the Android interface.

HTC notes market differentiation is essential, given the significant saturation of Android devices. As part of the One Series, HTC unveiled ImageSense™, a new set of image editing tools that will complement HTC’s high resolution cameras.

HTC One Series Aims to Replace Your Digital Camera

The camera is one of the HTC One Series biggest selling points, as it aims to ‘raise the ante” on smartphone optics. The ImageSense™ software is only the beginning, as the One Series includes a custom HTC ImageChip for improved shooting. By using their proprietary chip, it aims to capture images faster and under more adverse conditions compared to leading smartphones. Continue Reading »

3 Pair of Shades that Won’t Break the Bank

Did you know that sunglasses were invented during prehistoric times?

According to the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Inuit peoples used to wear flattened walrus ivory “glasses,” long before Maui Jims and Ray-Bans hit the scene. With the help of these glasses, they looked through through narrow openings to block harmful rays reflected by the sun, as seen in the photo below. Genius!

In fact, both Roman Emperors and 12th century Chinese judges also found sunglasses useful. In Rome, Emperor Nero apparently enjoyed watching gladiator fights with emeralds over his eyes! And in China, judges put on the ultimate “poker face” long before Vegas gambling. They wore sunglasses to hide their facial expressions while questioning witnesses in court.

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Sunglasses for Sale!

It wasn’t until the 1900’s that wearing sunglasses became more popular among the movie stars, and then the masses. In 1929, Sam Foster began selling inexpensive sunglasses on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Shortly after, in 1936, Edwin H. Land invented polarized sunglasses, using his patented Polaroid filter.

So now that we’ve got a sense of how sunglasses came to be, it’s time to look at what the modern day shades market has to offer. It’s my belief that to get a good pair of sunglasses, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Let’s take a look at 3 pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank!

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