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Best Deals on Halloween Candy

Full-Size Candy Bars, Healthy Halloween Candy, Retro Halloween Candy, Classic Halloween Candy

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are piling up outside and the San Francisco 49ers still have a good record… Halloween must be quickly approaching! October officially marks the end of summer, even if it is still 85 degrees without a cloud in sight!

Despite my best attempts to pretend it is still summer, retail stores are showcasing their fall and Halloween displays like crazy. The orange-and-black colors is are a little irritating now; they serve as a subtle reminder that the 2010 World Series Champions didn’t make the post season this year.

But despite the Giants early exit this season, I’m still all for delicious Halloween candy. Just don’t let the retail megastores dupe you into buying overpriced candy just because it’s Halloween. If you act now, you can find colossal savings on Halloween candy on Nextag. Whether you need to cure your candy corn fix or crave a galactic, silky-smooth Milky Way, Nextag has your sweet tooth covered.

Keep It Simple with Sugary Halloween Classics

Nothing says you have to present gourmet chocolates to little trick-or-treaters. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics. Nextag offers an assortment of classic Halloween candy, including these favorites:

Full-Size Candy Bars, Healthy Halloween Candy, Retro Halloween Candy, Classic Halloween CandyLaffy Taffy: A dentist’s worst nightmare, Laffy Taffy’s double-edged sword is its chewy and addictive properties. We DARE you to just have ONE piece.

Jolly Ranchers: Savor the moment with Jolly Ranchers, a hard candy that packs a TON of flavor into a little tootsie-roll-size package.

Pixy Stix: Why bother with candy when you can get right to the sugary goodness with Pixy Stix, a tube full of pure, old fashioned sugar.

SweeTARTS: There’s something to be said about the sweet and sour taste of SweeTARTS. Invented in 1963, SweeTARTS originated from Pixy Stix.

Smarties: You don’t need to be smart to enjoy Smarties, a classic, pocket-friendly sweet tart.

Starburst: It won’t count towards your five daily servings of fruit, but Starburst has a fruity flavor that will bring you closer to Mother Nature. Continue Reading »