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Facts About Fleas You’ll Wish You Never Knew

1. The Black Death Everybody knows fleas helped kill half of Europe’s population by spreading the black death in the 1300s, but that was back then, right? Wrong. The US averages 7 bubonic plague cases a year, mainly in the west (we’re looking at you, New Mexico and Arizona!). Thousands of plague cases are reported around the world every year. 2. Eggs Fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day,...Read more

Pet Carrier

Let’s face it, every place is better when your pet’s with you. But unlike the olden days when getting your pet from here to there was as simple as snapping on a leash or putting him in the back of the pickup with the kids, getting our pets around today is more complicated – but also easier and more stylish. Carrying Bags Sometimes the easiest way to...Read more
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