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Go Green with Your Pet This St. Patrick’s Day

21. St Patrick's Day_C
Don’t we all love to get dressed up on special days? But new apparel, accessories and cool must-haves shouldn’t be limited to just us people. Share the day with your four-legged bundle of love. Dressing up your pet to make them a part of special holidays requires selecting nothing but the best. So to help you prepare for St. Patrick’s Day, we handpicked some products that pet...Read more

Great Products To Get Your Dog Ready For Spring

It’s hard to believe with 19 feet of snow outside, but winter will soon end. Use those hours stuck in the house to get ready for spring with your best friend with these ideas that will make both dog lover and dog happy. We all know, poop happens. And what dog parent hasn’t wandered around the neighbor’s yard at night looking for the dog’s “business”? Or worse yet, dropped the...Read more

9 Great Dog Kisses That Will Make Your Day

Dogs love kissing. There’s nothing more adorable than dog love. And yes, all of us pet parents have let them do it (at least once!). From a simple kiss to rolling on the back to licking your face endlessly, dogs like to express their affection in every way possible. Sure, for some people it’s “a big no” but dog lovers can’t deny how much we enjoy our face getting all sloppy with doggy love....Read more

7 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

All pet parents know the puppy face that our dogs make when they want a bite from the ice-cream we’re gorging on or the cookies, the fries, the pizza. It’s a major guilt trip and more often than not we end up feeding them from our plate. How can a little bite hurt, right? Wrong. Most of “our” food is bad for dogs. It not only affects their weight but...Read more
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