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Go Green with Your Pet This St. Patrick’s Day

21. St Patrick's Day_C
Don’t we all love to get dressed up on special days? But new apparel, accessories and cool must-haves shouldn’t be limited to just us people. Share the day with your four-legged bundle of love. Dressing up your pet to make them a part of special holidays requires selecting nothing but the best. So to help you prepare for St. Patrick’s Day, we handpicked some products that pet...Read more

7 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

All pet parents know the puppy face that our dogs make when they want a bite from the ice-cream we’re gorging on or the cookies, the fries, the pizza. It’s a major guilt trip and more often than not we end up feeding them from our plate. How can a little bite hurt, right? Wrong. Most of “our” food is bad for dogs. It not only affects their weight but...Read more

Become a Reason for Wagging Tails

Every day, more and more people are serving their communities to make a difference in some way or another. If you’re ready to really make a difference, become a volunteer! Volunteers are the heart of any society. There are so many ways to show you care about the wonderful animals we love so much. Visiting a shelter and sharing your precious time with them is one of the best ways...Read more
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