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Making Your Cat Feel Right at Home


A Guide to Creating the Most Comfortable Space for You and Your Furry Kids

There seem to be two predominant schools of thought when it comes to living with cats. One group grudgingly allows the need for a litter box, food and water space and possibly a scratching post, then insists that the cats not only adapt to the human-oriented environment, but thrive in it. The other focuses so much on the needs of the cats that the human environment becomes less than ideal. Entire rooms become devoted to sprawling cat condos or custom cat amenities that range from clever to overwhelming.

But there is a middle path that allows for the specific needs of your furry family members without devoting a majority of your own living space to their comforts. Indeed, there are products on the market now that not only appeal to cats, but mimic their humans’ style and┬ádecor flawlessly.

One of the more interesting concepts in cat furniture recently has been the introduction of modular options. These include the sturdy systems built by FelineFurniture and KittyCityUSA. Their starter kits are relatively small and unobtrusive, fitting easily into a corner of almost any room. From there you can order connectors, hammock covers to match your decor, reinforced beams to change the configuration and even attachable toys.

Looking for a truly stylish modular system that can double as both a kitty condo and modern art? You need to check out the Katris systems. Their modular cardboard cat furniture looks rather like Tetris pieces and fits together in a similar manner. The system is easy to reconfigure so you can keep your kitties interested, and give your room a fresh new look whenever you feel like it.

If you need a more affordable option that still allows for maximum flexibility, Catty Stacks should be right up your alley. Their system combines cats’ love for boxes with lightweight (but sturdy) modular segments that come in a variety of colors and patterns. The pieces are easy to assemble and attach into whatever configuration best suits your needs. And if your cats aren’t thrilled with your first attempt, taking them apart and reconfiguring them is simple.

Even the best modular units may not completely fit your style or your cat’s needs. If you don’t mind investing a bit more into your cat furniture, ContempoCat has created a truly breathtaking line of products. Their wall climbing shelves are both sturdy and stylish and allow you to create a safe, stress-free way for your kitty to survey the landscape. Similarly their modular elevation towers can offer your cats a fun space to explore and relax in. But their truly standout products are their unique cat towers. The Contoure Modern cat tree looks like a work of art, but doesn’t skimp on comfort. This is the kind of cat furniture you want to show off rather than hide away.

The Refined Feline offers a similar line of sleekly stylish cat condos like the Lotus Cat Tower, and their line of cat shelves.

But their cat beds are real standouts in terms of both form and function. The Kitty Ball Bed is like a papasan for your cats. The handwoven rattan is sturdy enough to stand up to your kitty’s claws and the sleeping pad is removable and machine washable.

If you want an elevated cat bed with a more modern edge, you need to check out the Hepper Cat Pod Beds. The beds come in a variety of trendy colors and patterns, and their steel frames not only give them a futuristic, space-age look, but will stand up to years of use. Hepper also produces a cute food and water bowl set with a wide lip tray to catch crumbs and drips. The bowls are stainless steel to cut down on germs and the entire NomNom system is dishwasher safe. The NomNom bowl slides neatly under the Pod Bed and takes care of many of your cat’s needs while maintaining a tiny footprint in your home.

For kitties who prefer to sleep a little closer to the earth, the Energy Pyramid Cat Home by LoveThyBeast may be just the thing. This certainly isn’t the choice for pet parents who want their pet furniture to just blend in. But this bold little bed will add an exclamation point to any room you place it in while giving your cat a comfortable and private napping spot.

Windows are a favorite cat hangout, and wall-mounted perches offer them the space to chill and watch the world in comfort. Square Cat Habitat offers a really neat set of perches that are easy to install and have removable inserts. These inserts make cleaning your perches simple, and when one wears out you don’t need to replace the entire perch. They can also double as scratchers, saving you even more floor space.

Hopefully this buying guide has opened your eyes to the some of the incredible options cat parents have when it comes to shopping for furniture that suits both themselves and their felines. For more cat furniture, be sure to visit And if you have suggestions for products we’ve overlooked, please leave a comment!