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11 Best Puppy Teething Toys You Can Buy


As puppies grow, they slowly lose their baby teeth. This process can cause discomfort and soreness in their gums. Getting your puppy some teething toys during this teething stage will be immensely beneficial for the both of you. During teething, puppies tend to chew on almost anything! From furniture to shoes to clothes and even doors, they will gnaw on everything in sight. To save your house from puppy damage and keep the beloved coffee table intact, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 best teething toys you can buy.

Look for a flexible toy that is also firm enough to withstand merciless chewing. This teething stick is made up of different surfaces, textures and materials that will keep your puppy engaged for a long time. This will become little Fido’s favorite in no time.

To provide instant relief when your dog is in discomfort during the teething period, frozen toys are a great help. Just put them in the freezer for a while before giving to your pup. They will help numb the swelling in your dog’s gums.

Rawhide toys are a popular option for determined chewers (adults & puppies both). They will keep teething pups interested because of their rawhide surface. The Super Sub above can be unscrewed so rawhide treats can be replaced.

The softer material of these chew keys is especially made for teething puppies. They help in satisfying your puppy’s urge to chew on your furniture! The different surfaces are designed to massage the gums and provide relief. Toss these over to Fido whenever you see him tiptoeing towards the sofa.

Flavored dental chew toys are a great way to entice your pup while keeping their teeth healthy. The chicken-flavored Nylabone Puppy Chew is one of our favorites.

Natural antlers make for excellent teething toys as they are unimaginably strong and can’t be broken by a puppy. The scent will keep your pup gnawing on it for hours. They are extremely durable and each antler comes in a different surface and texture. Make sure to buy naturally shed antlers for your teething pup. They should be sterilized to avoid any health issues.

The Kong Wubba is guaranteed to keep your puppy occupied. The heavy-duty fabric is not easy to tear apart. It will take a lot of rigorous chewing before you see it lying tattered in some corner. Dogs love playing fetch with the Wubba. And because of the Wubba’s long fabric legs, you can easily pick it up without getting slobber all over your hands.

Ball toys that come attached with a rope are a good choice for teething pups. Make sure to choose a ball with durable material that your puppy cannot tear off and ingest. Don’t use tennis balls for teething pups, as their outer fuzzy coating can be torn and ingested easily. Soft rubber balls are a big no-no because it’ll just take seconds for Fido to start tearing out chunks from it. Remember that the ball toy needs to be big enough so that it can’t be swallowed under any circumstances.

The Hol-ee Roller is one of the toughest toys on the market. It’s soft and squishy, but just enough so that it soothes the chewer in the house and doesn’t tear apart easily either. You can even add some treats inside to challenge your dog. Your pooch is definitely going to spend a lot of time playing with this one.

Want to keep Fido from chewing the living room furniture while he’s teething? Keep him busy with an indestructible squeak toy! Most dogs go crazy over squeaky toys and rarely let them go. The Kong Squeezz has an uneven textured exterior which will keep your puppy engaged. It’s made of non-toxic thermo-plastic rubber that is soft enough to bounce and even floats. It’ll last through power chewing and help satisfy the ‘itchiness’ in gums.

The Nylabone Double Action Dog Dental Chew is specially designed to feel soft on the puppy’s gums and tough enough to go through vigorous chewing. The unique bristle-like exterior soothes and satisfies the gums. The center ball has a cool minty flavor to keep your pup’s breath fresh. What’s more, the dental nubs take care of tartar control. This toy is soft and durable, just what a teething puppy needs.

Puppies usually start teething between the age of 12-14 weeks. And when they do, they will wrap their mouth around just about anything from your favorite shoes to your sofa, tables, socks and everything else. Their determined chewing knows no bounds during this time so keep them busy with fun chew toys that last.
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