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How to Choose the Right Dog Bed


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Did you know that some dogs can nap for up to 12 to 18 hours a day? This usually shocks new pet parents and it’s why choosing the right bed for your dog is so important. But picking the right bed isn’t exactly a cakewalk. Cave beds, doggie sofa beds, cot-style beds, bolster beds, outdoor beds, heated beds, cooling beds, gel beds, phew! Choosing the right one from the endless dog beds available can be a bit overwhelming. They come in every imaginable shape, color and size to suit every kind of breed. To help you sort through it all, here are some tips to take into consideration when picking the perfect bed for your pooch.

What does your dog like?

Think about what your pet likes doing before crashing for a few winks. Does he like to go about finding a cozy blanket or do some digging before settling? If yes, then your dog will probably like a slumber-ball bed. These beds imitate a bean bag. They’re round, comfortable and fuzzy.

If your pooch is a couch lover, get him a doggie couch bed. These are super plush and come with side supports to snuggle into.

A bolster bed is another popular option that offers additional support for your dog’s head.

If your dog sleeps with his legs stretched out, maybe he’d like a rectangular mattress which allows a lot of room to stretch and move around.


Will the bed be used outdoors as well? If you want to place the bed in the yard or on the patio, get one that is waterproof and made of all-weather material so it’ll be durable for indoor and outdoor use.

If you have a pup at home that spends a lot of time in a crate, consider a crate mattress that fits easily inside the crate.


You don’t want to get a bed that is a nightmare to clean and carry. Go for a lightweight bed that could be easily carried when switching rooms or traveling. Make sure that the cover is separate from the bed so that it can be removed for washing. It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of spare covers handy.

Wash your dog’s bed cover at least once every two weeks or more frequently during the shedding and flea seasons. If the bed is placed in a central area or the living room, pick a bed cover to match the decor of the room so it doesn’t look out of place.


Suit Your Dog’s Needs

Before buying the bed of your dog’s dreams, consider his age, diet, sleeping hours, breed, health and behavioral patterns. If you have an older dog at home, getting an orthopedic bed, warming bed or a memory foam bed would bring him great relief. Like us people, when dogs get old, their joints too become less functional and need support. The same goes for very heavy or giant breeds.

Some big dogs like St. Bernards often struggle to stay cool in summers. Getting a cooling bed can help bring relief for such breeds.


Apart from all other factors, you have to consider the price. Starting from as low as $16 to hundreds and even thousands of dollars, there are beds for all budgets. Investing in a high quality dog bed might actually save you the trouble of replacing the bed frequently. Carefully consider all options and the needs of your dog before making your choice.

The right dog bed will make your dog feel safe and comfortable and give him a space of his own (not that he doesn’t consider every piece of furniture his already!). It might even save you from continuous attempts to get him out of your bed. With his own bed, your dog will have a great place to rest his head or chew away at that bone unbothered.

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