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The Best Cat Toys You’ve Never Heard of


You’ll find them adorable; your cat will find them irresistible. Neko Flies are obviously toys made by cat parents for cat parents. Not only do they perfectly mimic some of the most enticing prey items your housecat lives to protect your home from – but they’re also sturdy enough to take a serious beating. They can be swatted, pounced on, chewed or bunny kicked and they hold up beautifully.

The majority of the Neko Flies line is devoted to insect-shaped toys, which range from spiders to centipedes. But they also carry a furry mouse-shaped option called the Kittenator, for those cats who prefer mammalian prey. Each toy attaches to a standard rod or the company’s new telescoping rod. The latter allows for an even greater range of play options, allowing you to change the length of both the rod and the string attachment to the toy.

The new Birbug toy is specifically made for the telescoping rod and won a SuperZoo Best New Cat Product award in 2014. It’s actually larger than the standard Neko Flies insect toys, more like a very sizable butterfly or small bird, and has actual gliding action that makes it very appealing to bird-obsessed felines. If you’re uncertain which of the Nekochan line will be the biggest hit among your furry family, the Birbug might be the perfect choice. And since all the Nekochan toys are interchangeable, the telescoping rod would definitely be a worthwhile investment even if the Birbug doesn’t turn out to be your cat’s new favorite.

Their latest products, Neko Nappers, are also both built to last and profoundly appealing to both pets and their parents. After a good workout session with their toys, your cat will need a great place to relax and catch their breath. The mouse-shaped Sleeping Bag is perfect for the burrowers in your family. They’re cozy, comfy and undeniably cute. The only downside is that they’re also a bit noisy, making that crinkly paper sound cats love but pet parents find far less appealing in the wee hours of the morning. On the other hand, the Pet House offers your kitty a great little hideaway that’s easy to dismantle and tuck away when not in use. One of the real highlights of this product is that the sleeping pad is machine washable, so you can keep their bed clean, fur-free and fresh smelling.

While their toys are a little pricier than the standard options you find in your local pet store, they’re definitely worth it. If you look at them as an investment in your cat’s long-term mental and physical health, they seem like a bargain at the price.