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9 Great Dog Kisses That Will Make Your Day


Dogs love kissing. There’s nothing more adorable than dog love. And yes, all of us pet parents have let them do it (at least once!). From a simple kiss to rolling on the back to licking your face endlessly, dogs like to express their affection in every way possible. Sure, for some people it’s “a big no” but dog lovers can’t deny how much we enjoy our face getting all sloppy with doggy love. Enjoy these hysterical dog moments that will leave you in splits. Get. Set. Giggle.

1. Cuteness overload!!!

 2. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get

3. What better way to wake up than with a kiss?

4. All this kissing is tiring!

5. I ruv you!

6. Opposites attract

7. Now that really is love

8. Doesn’t get better than this

9. Excuse me while I blow my nose

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