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Winter Proof Your Dog


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The weather outside is frightful but that doesn’t mean it has to be miserable for your dog.  With a few precautions and the right gear, winter is as much fun for pets as it is for people.

Beat the Cold With Coats

You don’t need us to tell you that the biggest risk for dogs in the winter is cold – just like people, dogs get frostbite and hypothermia. So if your dog is going to enjoy the outdoors, make sure she has a good coat to keep her warm and dry. The Dog Grab Jacket stands out both for its quality and its features, with pockets on the jacket to store bags or other items and reflective trim to make sure your dog is seen.  For extra visibility, go for the bright orange version, to make sure you can see your dog even if she ventures into the woods.

Protect the Paws

Ice and snow and the salt used on sidewalks can be very hard on your dog’s paws, causing cracking and bleeding.  As your dog licks its sore paws, he eats the ice and other goop that is in the slush and mud.  The best way to protect paws in harsh conditions (and to keep your dog from tracking in paws full of mud) is with doggy boots. The Fleece-Lined-Muttluks are solid dog boots, good quality, durable and warm.

Pawz Biodegradable Natural Dog Boots are rubber but are not insulated – they keep your dog’s paws dry but not warm, and because they are disposable, they are better suited for walks in less harsh climates.


For dogs that refuse boots, Musher’s Secret is a wax based treatment that you rub on your dog’s paws. It dries and leaves a layer of protection from the elements. Keep your dog (and kids) safe on your property with Safe Paw Ice Melt, a non-toxic ice melter that is not as harsh on paws as salt.

Even with the best of efforts, your dog’s paws are likely to get dry and cracked. The old reliable for treatment for sore and chapped skin is Bag Balm, a petroleum jelly based salve.


Block the Weather

Wind gusts and blowing snow can be dangerous and uncomfortable to your dog, and providing shelter against the worst of the elements is important.  This can be as easy as attaching a piece of plywood to a tree, but to provide real protection, a dog house is best.  The Petmate Indigo Dog Home is lightweight but blocks the weather.

For more extreme conditions, the ASL Solutions DP Hunter Insulated Dog House provides maximum protection with thick, insulated walls. It takes care of excessive cold and wind during extreme weather. House your pet comfortably and in style while staying within your budget.

For dogs that can’t stand the rain on their “business” trips, the Pet Umbrella is a great way to block the elements. It is easy to attach and detach from the pet’s collar. This is for all pet parents who return with their dog all wet when it pours unexpectedly. And let’s face it, handling an actual umbrella might be a bit clumsy anyway, with Fido walking on the side.


Cozy Lounging

Everyone wants a warm bed to snuggle in during the cold.  If your dog’s not up with you, the K&H Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Dog Bed is a great self-heater.  Made from special material that retains and radiates your dog’s body heat, it keeps your dog warmer than a regular bed without electricity. For dogs that spend time outdoors, Heated Outdoor Bed provides serious heating and is waterproof.

Walking Time

Walking your dog is great exercise in winter as well as summer, and it’s important to make sure to protect yourself as well as your pet.  A hands free leash, such as the Boots & Barkley Hands-Free Active Dog Leash, provides better balance for you on icy sidewalks, and if you do slip, you can catch yourself without dropping your leash and possibly losing your dog.

Cold weather can be fun for the whole family, including our furry brothers and sisters, but we need to spend extra time thinking about their comfort and safety.  At LuckyPetStore, we have more products and prices from more online stores, helping you find the best product at the best price. You can read pet toy reviews, learn about pet brands and find the best prices on LuckyPetStore.

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