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Housebreaking Your Puppy: Do’s and Don’ts


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One of the most common problems that a pet owner faces is housebreaking their puppy. Whether you’re bringing home a pup or an older dog, training them early will make life easier for you and her. Most people are willing to house train their dog, so that in the process they develop a bond with the pet right from the word go. But, simply taking your dog outside is not house training her. A dog, on its own, will not understand what to do when taken outside. You have to teach her to communicate. When little ones are on their own, they relieve themselves in their dens/crates which the mother cleans. When they grow a few weeks older, puppies imitate their mother and use the outdoors.

Make The Puppy Feel Safe

What you’re trying to do here is preventing the dog from doing her duties indoors and making her learn to do it outside. But, just leaving her outside by herself few times a day will not house train her. Generally, puppies want to go within 30 minutes of having their meal. So, work towards creating a schedule that is consistent. Watch the clock and take her for regular trips outside.

When the puppy is learning to relieve herself outside the house, ensure that it’s a place where she feels secure, which smells familiar. They tend to use the same place for doing their duties, because of the accustomed scent.

Patience Is Key

Housebreaking your dog will take a lot of patience. If you’re feeling anxious (very common with first timers) or are trying to rush the puppy, or making conversation while she’s trying to go, the puppy will get distracted very easily. It’s best to just let her be and finish her business.

Maintain A Routine

The key to successfully house training your puppy is regularity because dogs are animals of habit. Without fail, bring your puppy out to the same area every morning. It will take her some getting used to, but as the days pass, you will see your puppy getting comfortable with the routine. Once your puppy has gone outside, don’t forget to acknowledge it by a pat on the back or a small treat. That will work as an incentive till she makes a habit out of it.

Handle With Care

It’s important to realize that your puppy is new to these things. She will learn what you teach her. Never punish your puppy for anything that happens by accident like pooping in a place where she shouldn’t. Stay firm and move her to a different place where you would want her to go. Don’t show anger or yell.

If practiced well, your puppy will be house trained in just a few weeks. Start the process of housebreaking her as soon as you bring one home. Just be patient and enjoy your puppy enjoying her puppy-hood.

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