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12 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Your Dog


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Whether you have a cute Maltese, an adorable Retriever, a playful Lab or a sweet stray at home, pet parents are known to go to great lengths to make their pet a part of the family. So when everyone is gearing up for the holiday season, why not do something special for your pets. You could give them a bone or a treat or a ball, but that’s an everyday thing, isn’t it? Instead, get them something interesting that will be hard to stay away from! Take a look at some unique surprises you can give your pooch.

1. The Tuggo Tug Toy keeps rambunctious dogs busy. Fill it with water to make it feel like real tug-o-war. See how it lets your dog play and exercise at the same time!

2. We understand that your dog likes to dangle its head out the window.  But let’s face it – that’s just not safe. There’s no greater gift than safety, and no safer way to travel than the Sleepypod Clickit Utility Safety Harness, the winner of the Center for Pet Safety 2013 top harness performer in crash tests. See how it works here.

3. MagicLatch makes leashing your dog a snap, with strong magnets that pull the latch into place without any hassle. You can easily connect the leash with one hand, without even having to bend down.

4. A picnic basket for your dog! Be ready to hit the road on a moment’s notice with the Abogear ABO Gear Dog Tucker Traveler, a waterproof dog bag that holds up to 15 pounds of food and includes folding food and water bowls.  Mesh elastic straps can be used to latch in a water bottle.

5. Finally, a chance for your dog to share her adventures with the family!  The Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness with Camera Mount holds a GoPro or other small video camera so you can see a squirrel chase in full live action.

6. Your dog can enjoy hours of fetch without destroying your rotator cuff with the iFetch D1 Pet Ball Launcher. It shoots miniature tennis balls in random directions, sending your dog off in hot pursuit. Look at this Dachshund fetch here.

7. Don’t we all want to check in on our dog when we can’t be home? This cool invention lets you do just that. The iCPooch Internet Pet Treat Dispenser not only lets you see and talk to your dog, but even lets you give them a treat.

8. The PetPeek Fence Window is, as the name implies, a window in the fence. Because what dog doesn’t want to see if the grass is greener on the other side? This is just the thing you should get if you’ve got a case of a curious dog!

Pet Peek

Pet Peek Fence Window

9. You have your emergency kit ready in case of the unthinkable (right?) but what about your dog? The Emergency Zone Small Pet Emergency Kit is equipped with the basics to keep your pet safe at all times.

10. Interactive brain games are a fun way to mingle with your dog. To encourage a healthy cerebral exercise, challenge your dog’s brain with the Interactive Puzzle Pizza.

11. Can’t leave your furry friend at home? The Pet Pals East Side Collection Polyester Reversible Sling Dog Carrier lets you take your dog with you in comfort (not recommended for Great Danes or Mastiffs).

12. Pet parents are always worried about their dogs getting adequate exercise. Make sure your dog is getting the exercise he needs with the Pet Activity Tracker – think a FitBit for your dog to track activity level.

Buying treats or gourmet food can be the easy way out for your dog’s Christmas present, and plush toys and fancy bedding are nice, but how about some special gifts that say you care? Bring your pets a little closer with something thoughtfully hand-picked, like these unique gifts. In return, your dogs will greet you with wet kisses and wagging tails. Now, that’s a great deal.

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