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Riding in Style – Find the Perfect Stroller for Your Pet


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In the olden days, like 2012, strollers were reserved for the ultra-serious pet parent, but they are entering the mainstream. As a result, manufacturers are offering more options and features, making selection of the right stroller more challenging. While fashion is always important, the main purpose of strollers is to get your pet from here to there comfortably and safely, and there are a number of things to keep in mind.


The key to finding the best pet stroller is to understand your use – they are great to transport small or skittish pets, as well as older pet friends or pets who are recuperating from an injury. Also consider where you will take the stroller, as comfort is more important for long trips or on bumpy terrain, and privacy is important for trips into crowded locations.


The first consideration is the size of the stroller. The pet compartment should provide enough headroom and floorspace for your pet to lay down, stand up and turn around comfortably, and the stroller must support your pet’s weight. Don’t guess, get out your tape measure to make sure the size is right.  And don’t cut the weight limit too close – you’ll probably carry a leash, poop bags, water and other care items with you, as well as whatever you have for yourself, adding extra weight, and a stroller near its limits will wear more quickly and be less comfortable for your pet.

Also consider the height of the stroller. Active dogs may tip tall strollers, especially those with three wheels, a problem that is worse if near the weight limit. And some pets will have a preference for being closer to the ground or higher up.


Strollers are designed to handle a number of different jobs – you must decide if you need a stroller for a dedicated purpose or a general purpose option. Examples of dedicated purpose units are Jogging Pet Strollers or biking pet strollers, which are much heavier duty (and heavier) and have suspensions designed to make the bumpy ride smoother but also are larger and more expensive.

These bike trailer pet strollers or jogger pet strollers. also have larger wheels to handle uneven surfaces without having to be lifted. Similar types of strollers are designed for all terrain or off-road uses. One disadvantage of these kinds of strollers is cost, as the exercise strollers tend to be significantly more expensive than general use models.

Other dedicated purpose units are made specifically for travel. These strollers, which often resemble rolling suitcases, are smaller, lighter and often morph into a bed or seat for your pet as well.  Backpack pet strollers are also convenient for travel.  Because of their size and shape, they tend to fit only small pets and are less comfortable and roomy than a general use stroller. Their small wheels and lack of suspension also make them less forgiving of a bumpy ride. Perfect for a ride through the airport, they are unlikely to be satisfactory for everyday use.

Also keep in mind ease of use – lighter strollers are easier to carry and fold up for easy storage, but with smaller wheels and lighter weight materials, they are not as good at handling uneven surfaces, which can annoyingly force the driver to lift the wheels and spin the stroller to change direction and provide a less comfortable ride.


Design obviously matters for the fashion statement, but also is important for the usefulness of a stroller. For pets that are inclined to escape, be sure that the stroller has strong, easy to close covers (and practice using them before your first time outside). More mesh provides an enjoyable ride for pets that like to watch their surroundings, but shy animals will prefer a cover to give them privacy, especially if they will be visiting busy or crowded places. Some cat strollers have two “rooms”, an open-air mesh room and a fabric room for privacy.

Strollers also have different features, such as additional storage below the pet compartment, cup holders, rain covers, etc. that can be very convenient. The key to finding the perfect stroller (or strollers) is understanding your need and how you’ll use the stroller. With that in mind, it’s a snap to get out with your pet.

Type of Pet

Your type of pet also will impact your choice – strollers for cats are usually lighter weight and provide more privacy, and ease of securing the door or top is especially important.  Strollers for dogs are usually sturdier and provide better visibility.

Double Pet Strollers

Double Deck Pet Strollers are a nice solution for families with more than one pet.  Most have a double-decker approach, with one compartment above the other.  Another alternative is a wider single stroller, as long as the two pets get along well enough to travel in the same compartment.

Of course, the right stroller depends on your needs and, more importantly, your animal friend’s needs. At LuckyPetStore, we have more products and prices from more online stores, helping you find the best product at the best price. You can read pet stroller reviews, learn about pet stroller brands and find pet stroller best prices on LuckyPetStore.

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