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Let’s face it, every place is better when your pet’s with you. But unlike the olden days when getting your pet from here to there was as simple as snapping on a leash or putting him in the back of the pickup with the kids, getting our pets around today is more complicated – but also easier and more stylish.

Carrying Bags

Sometimes the easiest way to take your pet with you is with a pet carrier bag. Carriers have evolved from humble beginnings of a dog stuffed into a (hopefully oversized) bag and now address a variety of uses.

Handbag Style

There are many fashionable options available for the parent of the smaller pet, like this stylish bag designed to provide comfort to your pet and convenience for you. It has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and side handles with washable interiors for easy cleaning. The mesh openings let Fido breathe comfortably through the bag while you carry him around with you. Who said pet carriers can’t be fashionable.

Some pets are long and skinny and some are round or big. And there’s a carrier for them all. Considering your pet’s shape, size and weight are of utmost importance while selecting a pet carrier. It is probably going to be used for a long time, so ensure that it is a good quality carrier that is capable of easily taking the weight of your pet.

Soft Crates

For larger pets, the standard type of bag is the soft, portable crate. While these are less convenient and attractive than other types of bags, they are comfortable for your pet and easier to carry than a hard-sided crate.

Rolling Bag

As more pet parents travel with their pets and need to traverse large airports, the rolling bag has become popular. Rollers tend to be thinner and taller than soft crates and may not be comfortable for some dogs, but are obviously easier on the human in the relationship.

Car Seat Carriers

When looking for a car booster seat for your pet, make sure it is strong enough to sustain the weight of your pet. You don’t want to invest in something that won’t turn out to be durable in the long run. keep in mind the kind of car you drive before buying a car carrier for Fido. Some carriers attach to the head rest of the seat while other just have to be placed on the car seat like a basket. No matter which style you choose, be sure to consider your beloved pet’s safety first. Make sure he has ample space to be comfortable in his seat.

Multi-Use Carriers

A variety of multi-use carriers are also on the market now. The work carrier is designed specifically for the true urban warrior – it’s a backpack carrier designed for the pet friendly workplace, with a pocket for a laptop, a space for your pet and a portable tent/pen to give your pet some privacy while napping next to your chair (WARNING: not recommended for use with mastiffs, Great Danes or Saint Bernards).

For the ultimate in flexibility, some carriers build it all in, like this traveller that is a roller, backpack, shoulder carrier, car seat and airline travel carrying case all in one.

Two great products to buy together – bike pet carrying bag (fits over handlebars) and helmet.

And then there’s this.

Of course, the right carrier depends on your needs and, more importantly, your animal friend’s needs. At LuckyPetStore, we have more products and prices from more online stores, helping you find the best product at the best price. You can check out the most popular carriers on LuckyPetStore or read more about buying a carrier.

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