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See Spot Play – 14 Top Boredom Busters for Your Dog


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Let’s face it, your dog is smart but her life doesn’t give her many chances to use that brain – except plotting the next screen door or shoe she’ll tear up. Why not give her some stimulation to help her stave off boredom?  A new batch of toys have popped up the last few years to make your dog’s life more interesting.

Brain Games

A number of new toys have popped up to challenge your dog’s problem solving skills. For example, with the Magic Interactive Dog Game, your dog removes bones to find the hidden treat underneath. The more challenging Mad Scientist for Dogs has containers with treat sized holes at the top. Your dog tips over the containers to shake out the treats.

Frozen broth or vegetable puree makes a simple and healthy treat and fun game for your dog.  Add a dog biscuit to make them even more appealing.



The SPOT Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog IQ Puzzle requires your dog to move sliding lids to access hidden treats. The Activity Gambling Tower Dog Toy is perfect for real brainiacs, with a series of small shelves. Place treats on the top, and your dog has to pull the shelves out in the proper order to allow the treats to fall to the bottom.


Treat Toys

If your dog is, ahem, more the physical type than the brainy type, then treat toys are are a good challenge.  The Busy Buddy Tug-a-jug Dog Treat Dispensing Toy is a more physically demanding version of the treat dispensers. Your dog pulls the rope to lift treats through the narrow lid, and as a bonus, the jug can be used as a a tug toy. The originator of the hide-a-treat toy is, of course, the Kong Wobbler. Newer versions of this idea come in a ball shape.

And for more challenge, the Genius Leo Food Dispensing Dog Toy is a jug that has to be squeezed to release treats through the narrow top. If you’re not interested in all those treats, hide a squirrel in the aptly named Hide a Squirrel and let your dog root them out, then start the process over. Make it interesting by changing up what you hide inside.

Exercise Toys

The best way to eliminate boredom is to wear your dog out – exercise is good for the canine brain and also leaves your friend tired, with less time to nose around into trouble. For the tuggers in the crowd, the Tuggo Tug Toy allows your dog to play solo. Simply fill the hollow plastic ball with water to create a weighted pull toy, or use the ropes for dual tugging.

The Interactive Tug Toy has a bendy pole that your dog pulls for real life tugging action. When the toy on the end is released, the pole snaps the toy the other way, creating a throwing action.  Careful with little dogs – you don’t want that to be catapulting action.


Dog Agility Equipment

Learning and exercise together in one – that’s the benefit of agility training.  And with agility equipment of all sizes, these games are fun for dogs of all sizes, ages and speed. The Dog Agility Kit is a great way to start with agility training.

Special mats added to slippery surfaces like wood or tile floors or concrete patios let you turn almost any space into a suitable and safe location for an agility course. See more dog agility products here.

Old School – Go for a Walk

We’ve been doing it for millions of years and it’s still your dog’s favorite – a walk is good exercise and helps your dog socialize with other dogs and people. Walks are great, and walks with a friend to keep your dog company are even better. The EZ Steps Stretch Dual Leash lets you walk two dogs at a time without the short separation that is common with many dual leashes.

Pet Strollers – Take Her With You 

If you’re dog’s not up for a long walk (or run) but enjoys being with you and checking out the scenery, pet strollers are a great option. The HoundAbout II Stroller is a bike stroller for your pet that can convert to a running stroller, allowing your dog to keep you company while you exercise.

Keeping your pet active and challenged is key to a happy and well-behaved friend. At LuckyPetStore, we have more products and prices from more online stores, helping you find the best product at the best price. You can read pet toy reviews, learn about pet brands and find pet stroller best prices on LuckyPetStore.

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