Father’s Day is Comin’ Up!

Posted on June 12, 2012 by Nicole Nuss

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The one day a year it is absolutely imperative to celebrate dear ole dad is just a week away.

Of course I sincerely hope you show daddy dearest some much-deserved appreciation every day of the year. But he needs a little extra attention this coming Sunday – aka Father’s Day 2012.

Your goal is likely to find a gift tailored specially to your dad. And that’s where the whole gift-giving anxiety kicks into gear. I mean you don’t want to hand a fishing pole to your city dwelling dad who defines a vacation as venturing five blocks outside of the neighborhood.

And you don’t want to be known as the panic gift giver in the family. You know, the one who, out of pure desperation, stops at the gas station on the way to Father’s Day lunch to grab a handful of lottery tickets and a Snickers bar.

To help alleviate some of that shopper’s anxiety – and gift-giving remorse – here’s a breakdown of some popular dad “types” and fantabulous gift ideas for each of ‘em:

Outdoorsy Dad
Does your papa like to brave it in the great outdoors? Is his idea of an ideal getaway ditching all technology, pitching a tent, and spending quality time with Mother Nature? If so, then here are some gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad on your list.

Techie Dad
If the aforementioned scenario – particularly the bit about ditching all technology – would make your dad shutter in despair, not to mention be literally impossible to create due to the death grip he’s got on his smartphone, then maybe your pop falls into the techie group. Whether it’s a love affair with phones, TVs, tablets, stereo systems, home theater setups, or all of the above, here are some gift ideas for the technology-loving dadFather's Day 2012, Father's Day gifts, Father's Day gift ideas, Father's Day

Stylish Dad
Just because a dude becomes a dad doesn’t mean his sense of fashion goes out the door with the dirty diapers. Once a stylish guy … always a stylish guy. My grandfather will be 78 this year and when he gets dressed up, the man is one daper lookin’ dude. So for those fashion-forward fathers out there who like to look good no matter the situation, here are some gift ideas for the stylish dad.

New Dad
For the newbie dads out there, this June 17 is gonna be a pretty special day. In fact, it might just be the most memorable Father’s Day they’ll ever experience. So make it a good one with a gift tailored for a new daddy.

Athletic Dad
Did your pops play lots of sports in school? And does he carry on that competitive drive today? If your dad’s the athletic type and likes to stay in tip-top shape by playing some serious ball, then here are a few gift ideas for your sporty dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!

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