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Posted on May 4, 2012 by Nicholas Passalis-Bain

Anyone would love getting a heartfelt message in a bottle, but who wants the hassle of having a loved one lost at sea for years? Finally there’s a solution: online message in a bottle sellers on Nextag. These are lovingly crafted bottles emblazoned with words of love and filled with evocateurs such as flower petals or seashells and sand, as well as a charming tied scroll bearing a message from your heart. From the safety of your own home you can order the perfect gift for any theme or occasion, including love, friendship, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even “just because”. With several choices for each, you can browse and find the bottle that represents you best.

Of course bottles are like people, and what’s most important is what they have on the inside. While the message bottlers make it possible to write your own personal message, they also provide a selection of suggested poetry.

A poetry example from

“What was it that attracted me? That mysterious force. I’m asking myself as I stand in the sand, With the sun looming overhead. The water rushes up and takes hold of my naked feet, As my mind flows over with images of you, Painting a picture from what I know, And using my imagination for the rest. How can I express the grief I feel, Being held apart from you by this ocean? I would fall in the water and let the fierce tide carry me away, If surely, I’d meet your arms.”

It’s the irony of the shy that sometimes you have to bottle up your feelings to express them. Whether you really are out to sea, or away from home, or just emotionally distant, your loved one can always uncork your bottle, read your message, and feel your presence its words.

In case you need a reminder, Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and nothing says you’re the best mother in the world like a poem from a loving child!

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