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Posted on May 1, 2012 by Nicholas Passalis-Bain

What if everything was wireless? Imagine a world without electric wiring, where your outdoor lights could be placed anywhere and work as if by magic. That’s the promise of solar lamp posts.

Solar lamp posts use a solar cell to charge their batteries by day, so that at night you get eight-to-ten hours of light. That’s pretty much all you need! A sunlight detector automatically turns the lights on and off at dusk and dawn. The lights themselves are super bright LEDs that use cone reflectors to further enhance their brightness.

Most manufacturers of solar lamp posts have made the clever design decision not to give their lights an appearance that says “high-technology at work.” Rather, the posts have a classic gas-light design, with beveled glass to complete that turn-of-the-last-century look. This allows your lamps to be new, old, stylish, and mysterious.

They also make solar lamp post models with built-in motion sensors, so that the lights will brighten when you need them and save their power when you don’t. Enjoy being welcomed home by a lamp that glows with the happiness of seeing you! You may also enjoy the effect of spooking unwanted guests.


5 Fun Things to Do with Your Solar Lamp Post

- Put one out in the woods and let your kids “discover” Narnia!

- Make neighbors wonder why yours is the only house with its lights on during a power outage.

- Get off the grid! ‘Cause you can’t like own electricity, man.

- Save very slightly on your electric bill!

- Place stylish outdoor lighting anywhere you want!


See the light of your life in action in this video!

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