Everything You Didn’t Know About Easter Candy

Posted on April 6, 2012 by Joe Thomas

Did you know Easter is the second most popular candy holiday? According to the National Confectioner’s Association, Americans consumed 7 billion pounds of candy in 2011. From jellybeans to chocolate, Americans are infatuated with these sugary treats.

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The Symbolic Chocolate Bunny

Amazingly, 90 million chocolate bunnies are “birthed” each year. And there’s a very specific way in which you should eat them. According to 79 percent of Americans, bunnies should be eaten ears-first. Only 5 percent of respondents said you should start with the feet. While bunnies come in two breeds, milk and dark chocolate, 65 percent of adults prefer milk chocolate compared to 27 percent who prefer dark.

Marshmallows Galore

Every Easter, Americans buy more than 700 million fluffy Marshmallow Peeps, Marshmallow Bunnies, and delicious Marshmallow Eggs.  They are by far the most popular non-chocolate candy for Easter.

Approximately 4.2 million of these gooey confections are made each day. In 1953, it took about 27 hours to produce one Marshmallow Peep.

Today, it takes less than six minutes to create the fluffy masterpiece.

Going with the Classic: Jellybeans

Did you know Americans consume 16 billion jellybeans on Easter? That’s enough to circle the globe three times. Jellybeans have patriotic origins, as Boston confectioner William Schrafft encouraged shoppers to send them to soldiers who were fighting in the Civil War in the 1930s.

You can tell a lot about somebody based on how they eat jellybeans. Do they carefully select each color and pop them in one at a time? Or do they shovel them into their traps? 70 percent of kids 6-11 prefer to eat Easter jellybeans one at a time, with 23 percent preferring to eat multiple at a time. Not surprisingly, 29 percent of boys surveyed preferred eating several at once, compared to 18 percent of girls.

Oddly, it takes 7 to 21 days to manufacture a single Jelly Belly jellybean. Wouldn’t you think technology would’ve expedited the process? But it must be worth it. In 1983, Jelly Bellies were the first jellybean to go into space with astronauts on the Challenger mission. Astronauts need their sugar fix, too.

Cashing in on Easter Candy

For retailers, Easter is a key holiday to watch. Americans spend more than $14.6 billion on Easter-related goods. Not including dentist visits and co-pays afterwards, shoppers spend $2.1 billion on Easter candy. The average person spends $225.43 on Easter candy, clothes, and supplies from online merchants, compared to only $131.04 from brick and mortar stores.

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