5 Reasons to Buy Your Wine Online

Posted on March 31, 2012 by Breanne Cooley

As much as I love perusing the grocery store liquor aisles, I’m a huge fan of shopping for my wine from my couch. In my pajamas. At whatever time I want.

See that’s the beauty of buying your wine online– the wine store never closes. And by wine store, I mean Nextag. It’s glorious.

Still not convinced? Well, let’s see if these top 5 reasons to buy your wine online will convince you!

1) Waking up to wine on your front door = perfect start to your day!

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a bottle of smooth red wine on his or her doorstep? Or perhaps a case of decadent chardonnay, with a side of chocolate covered strawberries will tickle your fancy?

Whatever your taste, whether it be red wine, white wine, or sweet dessert wine, getting it delivered to your door is simply the best. You don’t have to drive, you don’t have to wait in line – you don’t even have to get dressed! It’s magical.

And according to thewineshop.com, Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red 2010 is magical, too. Taste it for yourself!    

2) You can read wine reviews before you buy.

When you buy wine online, you can read honest user reviews about all kinds of wine from sites like Hello Vino.

This site displays reviews from “Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW), Certified Wine Educators (CWE), sommeliers certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers, and a wide variety of talented wine writers who share their passion and enthusiasm for wine through web sites and blogs.”

I love having the option to see what others are saying about certain types of wine – before I spend my hard earned money on it. And I love reading these reviews in my pajamas, on my laptop. Thank you online shopping.

3) You can learn about the winery.

Let’s say you come across a bottle of Rubicon 2007 Bordeaux Red Blends Wine via the Nextag search box. You’ve read some reviews, you like what you see….it’s safe to say you’re intrigued.

Because you’re buying your wine online, you paste “Rubicon Estate” into your browser and visit the winery’s website.

- image courtesy of winecountrygetaways.com -

It’s here you suddenly learn the history of the wine, how the grapes are harvested, and how Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola owns the winery! (he changed the name of Rubicon Estate to Inglenook Winery in 2011).

See? Buying your wine online is educational, too!

4) You can keep your wine stash plentiful.

If you enjoy wine, chances are you like to have it around at all times. Ya know, just to be safe. When you buy wine online, it’s easy to order in bulk to keep your wine cabinet full.

With the Vines 12 Month Plan, you get wine deliciousness delivered to your doorstep for a whole year.

According to their website, you can “Uncork great new wines all year long with Vines, our wonderful wine plan. Our expert wine buyers will hand pick two terrific bottles of wine every time – and you get to choose any 12 months you want for delivery!”

Sign me up for the next 60 years, please!

5) Buying wine gifts online is simple.

When it’s time to give a gift, whether it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary (or just because), wine is a great option. The best part about it is that you will probably end up drinking it too if the recipient lives nearby. You can show your love, and then sample a glass of it. Major return on investment.

If you want to go big on this one, and get more than just a bottle for that special someone, feast your eyes on these gorgeous wine gift baskets that can be found on Nextag:

-  Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Gift Basket

-  California Wine Tour Wine Gift Basket

-  Sonoma Wine Taste Tour Cabernet Sauvignon

Full of wine, full of treats, and full of thoughtfulness. The perfect gift.

And with that my friends, I say “Cheers!” to delicious wine – conveniently delivered to your doorstep, via Nextag.

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