Top 3 MacBook Pro Accessories for Power Users

Posted on March 28, 2012 by Joe Thomas

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s hottest selling, fully-featured laptop computer. While the light and slim MacBook Air seems to get all the attention lately, the MacBook Pro is the company’s flagship laptop.

In fact, Apple is quietly shifting the Pro series towards professionals and developers, slowly phasing out their Mac Pro desktop, which hasn’t seen a refresh in quite some time.

Since the MacBook Pro has roughly the same processing power as Apple’s iMac desktops, it is a viable desktop replacement. However, there are still a large number of folks who prefer the desktop experience, rather than coding in your pajamas with the MacBook situated on your lap. Fortunately, there are a ton of accessories that breathe new life into your MacBook Pro.

Check out the top 3 innovative Mac accessories, brought to you by comparison shopping website,

1. Henge Dock

Do you want to connect your MacBook to an external monitor? And maintain the same, sleek workspace, without wires everywhere? The Henge Dock is the PC’s equivalent of a docking station. Your MacBook slides into the vertical dock, MagSafe port side down. Plus, you do not need to install any software on your MacBook Pro.

The Henge Dock uses a custom cable management system that seamlessly connects your laptop’s peripherals every time you dock the computer. Simply lift the laptop out and begin working on-the-go. When you re-dock the system, it reconnects your peripherals, like Apple Cinema Display and external hard drive.

Henge Docks are custom built for each MacBook model, and are not backwards compatible with older generations. Despite using plastic, your laptop feels secure when docked, but the outside is prone to scratches. And because it fits your laptop’s dimensions perfectly, it is not compatible with hard shell cases, such as those made by Speck.

2. BookBook Case for MacBooks

Give the Book in MacBook an entirely new meaning with the BookBook Case by Twelve South. For a case, it’s relatively low-tech. But it’s the low-tech that disguises your $2,000 laptop as a hardcover book when not in use. Slip your fancy MacBook inside the case, zip it closed, and your laptop is protected by two leather hardback covers.

The case offers mediocre impact protection, but is designed with aesthetics in mind. According to Twelve South, each BookBook is unique…no two cases are exactly alike. It can also be used like a Speck case by holding the MacBook Pro in place with elastic corners, so it looks like an open book when in use. Most importantly, the case is totally original, like you.

3. iLap Stand for MacBooks

My favorite place to use my MacBook Pro is on my lap, reclined comfortably in my La-Z Boy. But using the computer directly on your lap gets hot. Really hot. Plus, it sits too low compared to my line of sight.

So, I use a lap desk. The iLap Stand for MacBooks is a lightweight, aluminum alloy padded lap desk that fits most 15-inch laptops. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it is super lightweight and circulates air around your lap.

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