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Pretty Up Your Pups: It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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For Halloween, I wrote a post all about super cute costumes for animals. And it went over pretty well. For those of you who fancied that write-up, you might like to know that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. That’s right, you’ve got another excuse to dress up Fido without people looking at you like you’re certifiably insane.

Now before I go any further, please adhere to this rule: Only “celebrate” this fun day if it is indeed fun for all parties involved. Dress Up Your Pet Day should be just as enjoyable for your pet, as it is for you. If Kitty is just way too cool to enjoy being toted around dressed as Yoda, and thus looks like he’s waiting for the first opportunity to dig your eyes out, well there’s a term for that. It’s called animal abuse. It’s cruel to use Kitty for your own personal enjoyment, and well, quite dangerous for your personal well-being, as you will have to sleep at some point.

So with that outta the way, yes, today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. This falls under the ridiculously adorable holiday category, by the way. I would love to pretty up my cat, Kingston, but he was inspiration for the above mentioned scenario. He is most definitely too cool to be demeaned by dressing up in some ridiculous, human-made costume. He’s a very regal creature, after all. And if I did force him into some crazy getup, the result would be some serious bloodshed. And just to be clear, I would be the one down a few pints.

But if your furry family member is keen on grabbing some extra love and attention from the adult folks, then this day is for him/her. Here are 5 fantastically fun fashion accessories for your animals to help them celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Continue Reading »

“Tap, Snap, & Save” with the Nextag Mobile Shopping App

Let’s face it  - we live on our phones these days. Do you ever have that feeling that you just can’t put it down? There are days when that blinking light and customized ring tone makes us all feel powerless.

I’ll admit it – my phone is my Kryptonite.

But apparently I’m not alone. And that makes me feel better. In 2011, the Pew Research Center conducted a study called “Americans and Their Cell Phones.” Here’s what the study found about cell phone usage:

• 83% of American adults own some kind of cell phone.

• 42% of cell owners use their phone for entertainment when they’re bored.

• 35% of American adults own a Smartphone of some kind; these users take advantage of a wide range of their phones’ capabilities.

When you take a look around you, you can easily see that mobile phones are becoming somewhat of an extra limb for many people. Guilty as charged!

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Give Your Gadgets a Home: The Best Cases for Your New Gizmos

Are you one of the millions of folks who received a new gadget this holiday season? Before you take your new phone or tablet on your next road trip, protect your investment by giving your device a cozy, comfy, and indestructible house to live in.

First, let’s clarify the definition of a “case.”  The cases I’ll be exploring in this blog post are not fashion accessories; I’m referring to the cases that are specifically designed to protect your device from scratches, scruffs, drops, and minor spills.

But not everyone is willing to sport a case that’s a bit ugly and bulky, just to save their electronics.

To please all types of tech-toting customers, there are typically three categories of cases available:

Fashion Accessories: These cases, while attractive and thin, are designed with fashionistas in mind. They typically offer limited protection, but are indeed, “pretty.” But remember, just because your case is gorgeous, that doesn’t mean it will magically protect your phone or tablet. Continue Reading »

Stylish Winter Coats for Women

As the temperatures drop this winter, your sense of style doesn’t have to follow suit!

Sure, it’s easy to grab your ski jacket from 1993 (it’s so warm, man!). And yes, it’s quicker to steal your boyfriend’s oversized North Face when you’re feeling frigid. But here’s the problem with those two solutions: you’ll be missing out on the joy of a beautiful, stylish, and warm winter coat that totally makes your outfit.

I’ll make it even easier for you to stay fashionable – and warm – this winter. Here are 4 stylish winter coats for women that work the runway….and the winter weather!

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4 Products to Help You Celebrate Bubble Bath Day

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If last week’s Festival of Sleep Day wasn’t enough to help you fully rebound from all your holiday festivities, then maybe this day is your ticket to Zenville. Today, January 8th, has been delegated Bubble Bath Day. I don’t know by whom exactly, but it was probably just someone in desperate need of a bath, whether for cleanliness or relaxation purposes.

Regardless of the precipitating factors leading to this holiday, it’s certainly a day to celebrate. Unless your name is Pig-Pen and your claim to fame is being perpetually followed by a big ole dust ball, chances are you’ve indulged in a bubble bath or two in your lifetime. And you loved it.

So if you’re onboard and fully prepared to jump into this bath holiday head first (I most definitely DO NOT mean that literally), then this list is for you. Here are 4 products to get you in that bubble bath state of mindContinue Reading »

2012 Tech Predictions

For better or for worse, the holidays are finally over and done. Christmas trees make their way to the curbs and we’re all back on our chicken-and-salad diets.

But it wouldn’t be the start of a new year without the latest tech predictions for what’s in store for 2012. Everyone from Gizmodo, to ZDNet, to the New York Times is making bold assertions regarding the future of tech in the year to come.

So, after reading dozens of commentaries from VentureBeat to InformationWeek, here’s my take on tech in 2012.

Here are a few of the “no brainers” we can expect this year:

1) Tablets stole the spotlight in 2011, and will likely continue to in 2012.

2) Research in Motion sells out, but not to Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, or HTC.

3) There will be a continued shift to Cloud Services for both enterprise and end-users.

4) Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market, albeit with a lower market share.

5) E-Commerce will continue to squeeze traditional retail, and mobile ecommerce will skyrocket.

Now, let’s explore a few less certain predictions, which could go either way:

1) Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime VOD will profit from the eventual demise of Netflix.

2) Microsoft and/or Apple will profit as users abandon the Android platform due to fragmentation. Continue Reading »

This Week’s Top 10 Trending Products, TVs, Fitness Video Games, and Health & Beauty Items

This infographic was created by Comparison Shopping website Nextag.

Become A Shopping Expert and Add These Shopping Reports to Your Website Today!

Top Ten Trending Products – Grab the Code!

Top Ten Televisions – Grab the Code!

Top Ten Fitness Video Games – Grab the Code!

Top Ten Health & Beauty Products – Grab the Code!

Thanks for checking out Nextag’s Top 10 Hottest Products this week!

5 Retail Trends for 2012, and Beyond

1.  No more debit or credit cards

2012 could be the year some shoppers say goodbye to their flexible friend and put away the plastic for good. With corporations like Google and MasterCard actively rolling out cashless initiatives to the world market, this really could be a year of extraordinary change. Couple this with businesses like Square and PayPal, with their peer-to-peer payment systems for smartphones, and it’s easy to see why retailers are racing away from the traditional methods of trade and embracing a card-less future.

2.  Bargain hunters of the world, unite and take over

With the rapid growth of the daily deal market in recent years, it’s surprising to learn that many industry analysts think this trend has yet to peak. Trendwatching predicts global shoppers will continue to seek out deals and promotions throughout 2012, but also notes that motives of coupon collectors are changing. While many seek out deals to save money, Trendwatching has noticed that shoppers who use deal aggregators like Groupon use it for “the thrill, the pursuit, the control, the perceived smartness, and thus a sense of status, too.” It’s this last point that’s raising eyebrows among analysts and industry leaders. When saving money becomes the new status symbol, there could be “An even bigger ‘deal ecosystem,’ with more personalization, more loyalty schemes, and more pressure on brands to deliver deal-immune brilliance as an integral part of everything they sell and promote.”

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New Year, New Workout: 5 Unique Fitness Products for 2012

It’s January 4, 2012, ladies and gents!

In the air, there’s a sense of new beginnings. We feel the promise of a fresh start. We feel the faith that anything is possible. And the great thing about the New Year is that what we feel is right – anything IS possible!

Now if the goal you’re setting for 2012 is to get in shape, you gotta make it fun to make your commitment to fitness last. The New Year calls for a new approach to working out, my fellow couch dwellers. When the treadmill calls, don’t pick up the phone. Instead, check out these 5 unique fitness products for 2012!

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Shhh, It’s Festival of Sleep Day

festival of sleep, sleep, sleepwear, footed pajamas

Talk about a ridiculously easy “holiday” to celebrate!

Despite some serious sleuthing, I couldn’t find when or where Festival of Sleep Day originated, but honestly, I really don’t care. Today, January 3rd, some brilliant soul, at some point in history, declared this as a day dedicated to nothing but sleep. And that’s ingenious.

There aren’t too many things in life that make me happier than sleep. Maybe I’m a lazy person. Or maybe I’m just extremely pathetic. Whatever the reason for my torrid love affair with sleep, I’m perfectly okay with it.

For me, personally, today’s unofficial holiday is now my all-time favorite of the unofficial holidays. (Noteworthy honorable mentions go to “Chocolate Cake Day” (January 27th) and “It’s be Nasty Day” (March 8th).)

Now to help you properly celebrate this blasphemously unknown holiday, here’s a dreamy little list of 5 products to aid in catching some serious shuteye … today and every day.

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