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5 Ways to Be a Football Fashionista this Sunday

Ladies, are you ready for the big game this Sunday? And by ready, I mean you have your awesome game day outfit picked out.

If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, have no fear, my friends. Thanks to our pal Alyssa Milano, our cute, yet sporty, game day outfit is just a few clicks away.

Here are 5 ways to be a football fashionista this Sunday!

New York Giants Women’s Sweetspot Jacket

You’ll definitely be rockin’ the football fashionista look in this New York Giants Women’s Sweetspot Jacket. It’s fully lined in grey satin, and features an embroidered Giants logo at left chest, with raw edge detailing. With six buttons and a comfy collar, you can stay warm and support your team – without overheating! Great for game day, but cute for other outings, too. Pair this with a white tee underneath, and you’ll have the perfect amount of game day layers.

New England Patriots All Star Hoodie

Can you ever have enough hoodies? Probably not. This New England Patriots All Star Star Hoodie is a great way to show your love for the Pats this Sunday. It’s made of a cotton/polyester blend, and pairs great with comfy jeans. You’ll be sporting a distressed Patriots logo, with another miniature logo on the hip to match. Cute, comfy, and shows your big game spirit.

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Apple to Reinvent Textbooks with iBooks 2 for iPad

Apple held a press conference on Thursday at the Guggenheim in New York to discuss Education. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Learning, kicked off the event by noting education has always been embedded deep within Apple’s DNA. Schiller believes through Apple’s innovative products, the company can “help students learn and achieve great things.” He continues by noting Apple is “on the cusp of something really great.”

The Problem

According to Schiller, the state of our current educational system is grim. He noted high school students have a 70 percent chance of graduating in four years, with that number declining to 60 percent in urban areas. The United States as a country continues to decline in reading, math, and science amongst the global economic environment. The U.S. ranks 17th in reading, 31st in math, and 23rd in science. These numbers have remained flat, while other countries are quickly progressing.

Apple Can Help

Apple believes they can help change the way students engage with their teachers and classroom. The company has been identifying teachers’ top challenges and creating products that can help them. Apple also believes engagement is key to student retention,. Their products can help students who want to learn, but are otherwise bored with traditional textbooks. Continue Reading »

Nextag’s Big Game Rundown



This infographic was created by Comparison Shopping website Nextag.
Score a Touchdown and Grab the Code!

It’s in the Bag: 4 Cute Purses for 4 Occasions

Purses are definitely my favorite accessory. I have nothing but love for earrings, bracelets, and rings, but I’m not gonna lie to you here: it’s tough to beat a gorgeous purse!

So let’s get right to it. From oversized tote bags to flirty clutches, here are 4 cute purses for 4 occasions!

1. The Everyday Tote Bag

For everyday wear, try this Jessica Simpson Tribeca Tote Bag.

At 16 inches long and 9 inches wide, you’ve got plenty of room for everyday essentials. This tote bag features double handles, with top zip closure. And to keep your electronics handy, you’ll find cell phone and iPod pockets inside, which buyers seem to love.

It’s made of synthetic materials, and comes in a variety of colors: red, blue, caramel, lavender, black, and brown. The best everyday purses do well in combining fashion with function, and this Tribeca tote is no exception.

One happy reviewer seems to love this tote: “This bag is stunning. I chose the lavender…..I love different and unusual colors…..this totally fits the bill. For one who tends to like a larger bag, this is the one for you. Wears on one’s shoulder easily or carry it…your choice. Very pretty lining and hardware also. Simply GORGEOUS! Job well done Jess.”

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6 Fantastic Products for a Fantastic 6-Month Old

Wow, it’s been half a year already? Great job, parents. Your little person is getting big enough to enjoy new stuff, and that means you’ve got some shopping to do. Here are some fantastic choices!


An exersaucer, or “extra sauce” as my 4-year-old niece calls it, puts your child in a little swivel seat with a playground of lights and sounds a short reach away. Not only will your kid love it, it also makes opportunities for hands-free parenting, meaning you can actually get something done while your child is entertained. Nothing’s better than setting your kid somewhere and knowing they’ll be kept busy.

You have to make the right choice though.

While on a trip, my baby tried the Graco Baby Einstein Caterpillar Discover Play Activity Center, which inexplicably gets good ratings. It is dull. The attached toys are “educational” in nature, meaning you get a stationary sun and a globe that spins a little, and a picture of a cat. After a minute of trying to play, my baby put his head down, thinking, “There’s nothing to do here so I guess I’ll just sleep. If only my parents were better shoppers.”

My baby and I recommend the Evenflo SmartSteps ABC Exersaucer. It’s covered in toys and buttons, and everything lights up and makes music. Even your child’s most careless banging can’t help but cause something spectacular to happen. It’s actually fun!

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When Being Smart Isn’t Enough: Smartphones Become Superphones at CES 2012

Since when is being smart not enough? Dozens of manufacturers took their Smartphones up a notch this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, unveiling the latest superphones. As consumers continue to lead a mobile-forward life, manufacturers are including more robust features that keep up with our busy lives.

2012 Smartphone Trends

Bigger Screens: Smartphones are equipped with increasingly large displays up to 5-inches

Higher Pixel Density: Manufacturers are cramming more pixels on the screen than ever before, with some displays offering 1280 x 720 rather than the lackluster 800 x 480.

Better Cameras: Smartphones are becoming better than traditional point-and-shoot cameras, offering up to 16-megapxiels with an LED flash.

Waterproof Coating: Phones are adopting a nanoparticle water resistance coating, which protects the phone’s internal electronics from minor water damage.

Android 4.0: Cutting-edge Smartphones are adopting Google’s latest version of Android ICS.

Top Smartphones at CES 2012

Here are the top Smartphones showcased at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, brought to you by comparison shopping website,

Motorola Droid 4

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your phone’s on screen keyboard? Do you wish you could have all the power of a Droid, but with a QWERTY keyboard? Then the Motorola Droid 4 is right up your alley, offering an edge-lit QWERTY keyboard that slides out. Its keyboard helps to eliminate embarrassing texting mistakes that happen with soft keyboards, since the laser-cut keyboard allows for more precise typing.

The Droid 4 contains all of the features Android fans want, including a reinforced gorilla glass display that resists scruff marks and scrapes. Plus, the Droid 4 contains water-repellent nanoparticles that shield the inside components from water damage. Perhaps most importantly, the Droid 4 is fast – and I mean really fast! It runs a 1.2 dual-core SnapDragon processor and features Verizon’s 4G LTE connectivity. The Droid can definitely keep up with your busy lifestyle. Continue Reading »

Break Out Your Tuxedos and Celebrate the Penguins!

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Question: Who’s the little penguin’s favorite aunt?

Answer: Aunt Arctica

Ha! Who doesn’t love a good penguin joke? Okay, well, probably a lotta folks. But who doesn’t love a penguin? Unless you’re a fish or squid swimmin’ around the Southern Hemisphere, I can’t think of one good reason why you wouldn’t love penguins.

They waddle when they walk. Some have mohawks. They’re permanently adorned with the two most flattering and never tiresome colors found in one’s wardrobe: black and white. And the tiniest of the penguin species stands, on average, just 13 inches tall and weighs but 2.2 pounds. And the name of this little nugget: the Fairy Penguin.

Come on now, how cute is that?!

Last Friday was National Penguin Awareness Day and it got me to thinkin’. The penguins of the world definitely deserve some much needed love and attention. Look above for just a handful of reasons why. And no, you don’t have to be a Pittsburgh Penguins fan in order to take part in celebrating these non-flying, yet fantastically fast, little swimmers. (They can swim at speeds averaging 25 miles per hour! Did you know that?!)

Thanks to Friday’s “awareness” holiday, I took some time to research these little waddlers, as well as learn about their tragic plight if drastic changes aren’t soon implemented. I learned, currently, 13 of the 18 species of penguins are considered threatened or endangered, with some of these gentle animals on the verge of extinction. And that just breaks my heart.

So, in the spirit of celebrating — albeit a couple of days late — National Penguin Awareness Day, why not take some time to educate yourself about these lovable animals and learn how you can help them?

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Make Your Skin Grin with 5 Gentle Products

In life, you gotta love the skin you’re in, right? And if you have sensitive skin like I do, you really gotta show it some love! With UV rays, pollution, and the dust of every day living, using cleansing and toning products that are gentle on your skin is key.

How Do I Know If I Have Sensitive Skin?

According to, people who have sensitive skin say that certain household products cause stinging, redness, or tightness. If using creams and cleansers causes a general feeling of discomfort, there’s a good chance your skin is on the sensitive side. In fact, it may even cry in movies.

But don’t worry, taking care of your sensitive skin every day doesn’t have to take a lot of time. As someone who doesn’t want to spend much time fussing with fancy cleansers, creams and lotions, I want a skin care product that is fast, effective, and affordable.

I’ve chosen five popular skin care products, and have tried and tested them myself to give you the real deal. And just in case you need a little more convincing, I’ll be sure to include other user reviews as well.

So here we go, my fellow skincare shoppers! Check out these 5 gentle products that will make your skin grin!

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Tabletapalooza at CES 2012

It’s deja-vu all over again this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Like last year, Android tablets are stealing the spotlight. But it’s not what you think. Some of these tablets actually look promising! Granted, there’s a lot of riffraff to sort through, but amidst the rather boring chasses are a few shining stars.

2012 Is Shaping Up to Be the Year of the Tablet… Again!

After looking at dozens of tablets and prototypes, here are the latest trends:

-Manufacturers are opting for quad-core processors using the Tegra3 System on a Chip.

-Android 4.0 is the norm on most new 10-inch tablets.

-Tablets are becoming even more multimedia friendly, such as adding IR blasters for TV.

-High-end tablets opt for Retina-like HD displays more than the usual 1200 x 800.

-Integrated 3G connectivity is quickly being replaced with advanced 4G LTE technology.

The Best Tablets of CES 2012

Check out these tablets at CES 2012, brought to you by comparison shopping website

Asus MeMo 370T

With Asus, dreams can come true! If you’ve been putting off buying a Kindle Fire, you should definitely consider the Asus MeMo 370T. For the same price as the Nook Tablet, you get a roaring Tegra3 quad core chipset. Analysts say performance-wise, the MeMo will match its bigger brother, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the MeMo is more on par with the Kindle Fire in terms of thickness, but it does offer a nice curved back. In terms of specs, the MeMo 370T has a rear 8-megapixel camera, 1280 x 800 IPS display, 16 GB of storage, and 1 GB of RAM. No word yet on battery life or pricing, but the tablet is expected to launch during the second quarter of this year. Continue Reading »

Everything You Need for the NFL Playoffs!

Your football team is alive in the playoffs, and you’re shopping for gear that proves what a mega-fan you are? We’ve got everything you need!

The Green Bay Packers

[Disclosure: this is my team.]

If you’re a Green Bay fan watching Aaron Rodgers pursue the second Super Bowl Championship out of his destined ten, you’re ready to do some MVP (Most Valuable Purchase) shopping. A good Aaron Rodgers jersey will show your fan pride throughout this decade’s victories and be a classic forever after. A Clay Matthews jersey is a good choice too, if you have the hair to pull it off. Of course whatever jersey you choose, you’ll need a Cheesehead to wear with it. And for fans ready to make the jump up to NFL owner, there’s the limited time offer of Packers Stock. Nothing amplifies a Packers victory like literally owning a part of it.

The New York Giants

Fun Fact: Packers scouts have determined that, despite the name, the NY Giants players are normal-sized people. Punt returner/wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan is only 5’ 8”! This is great news for fans – it means that Giants jerseys come in your size, and Giants Fathead Wall Decals  will fit on the walls of all standard-sized homes.

Funner Fact: Nextag scouts have determined that, despite the name, NY Giants clothing and collectibles can be had at very tiny prices. You just have to know where to shop!

The New Orleans Saints

Saints fans, want to see your team win it all this year? There’s no better way than to buy yourself the “New Orleans Saints Road to Super Bowl XLIV” DVD. Who dat gettin’ such a good deal? It’s you when you shop for the DVD of your two-year-old Super Bowl victory.

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